PMSA is a Belgian volunteer organization of paramotor sport enthusiasts. The main goal is to let as many people as possible enjoy flying by organizing paramotor events at home and abroad. To help all pilots with this, a non-profit association was founded that aims to make the sport attractive in various ways.


Every year we organize several flying events and pop-up fly-ins at home and abroad. Always with our own representation.


If you would like to take out our insurance, or find more information about our insurance, you can find it here or order it online.



How do you become a paramotor pilot? Where can you take a training course? Which instructors can teach me how to fly safely?

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Regulations, correct information, downloads, frequently asked questions and how to contact us can be found here.

PMSA – Paramotor Sports Federation is a federation that wants to go back to the essence, paramotor flying,
the reason why we fly these weird things.

We are all about fun, flying and friendship.

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