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Flying together is what PMSA is all about.
Fun, Flying & Friendship.
PMSA makes a distinction between multi-day fly ins and pop up fly ins. If you fly at one of these events, you will automatically receive PMSA airmiles. At the end of the year, the pilot with the most air miles receives a trophy

Air SLyphe

At a PMSA event, all pilots are welcomed as friends. A large group of enthusiastic pilots always provides fun and wonderful stories, where you can learn from each other. Parawaiting has never been so much fun.

Local pilots can show their guest pilots the most beautiful pictures of the region: these places would be difficult to find without such an event.
The fields are usually visited in advance: the organizers look for large plots (3-4 hectares) where both trikes and backpack paramotors can take off easily.
You don't have to worry about site registration, because by registering, your name will be included for the group site registration.
Anyone who has not registered is still very welcome, but cannot fly.

Upon arrival, the pilot must register with the organizer: after going through the necessary documents (field check checklist), the pilot receives a device number with an SOS mobile phone number so that he / she can request support in the event of a foreign flight.
Every morning and evening, every pilot is required to attend the briefing: you will receive tips on interesting waypoints and locations that we as pilots should definitely avoid.
During take-off there is a field marshal who pays attention to safety and the order of take-off. If you have technical problems, you can always count on the support and tips from colleagues. There is no peer pressure to fly: anyone who - for whatever reason - decides not to take off will receive the necessary respect for this and can continue to enjoy the event and the meeting.

If a monitor is present, the practical checkup (valid for <24 months) can sometimes be performed. If the test fails, you can make arrangements for a refresher course.

PS: HAVE YOU REGISTERED AND PAID FOR AN EVENT, and you CANNOT come, you can refund your registration fee DO NOT USE ANYMORE for another event!!

May we ask you to always complete the registration form AND make the payment immediately, only these registrations are valid and accepted. Due to the many registrations, we sometimes have to close earlier and only these complete registrations are valid.

Events 2024

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Batzendorf FRLast




Bass HamPostponed until 24/08
14-16/06BK PeizegemCancelled
17-28/07Saint Romain FRFULL
15-18/08HouffalizeTo enrol
23-25/08NEW DATE – Basse Ham 
29/08-1/09Wormhout FR 
7-15/9Mersea Island UK 
28/9NEW DATE – BK Peizegem