Insurance & membership fee

An accident happened quickly, but with a good insurance you have one less thing to worry about.
You can take out insurance with PMSA, if paramotor pilot.
PMSA offers several insurance formulas, such as: mono pilots and duo pilots.
You are insured for civil liability.

An accident is quick to arrive, but only on one occasion receipt assurance ça limite fortement les soucis. Chez PMSA takes care of your assurance  paramotorist. Il ya plusieurs formulas possibles, allant de pilot mono au pilot biplace. You are assured for civil responsibility.

Mono pilot

Insurance and membership fees for a pilot who does not take passengers

120 €

after 01/09 100 €


Duo pilot

Insurance and membership fees for pilots carrying passengers

220 €

After 01/09 180 €

PMSA member

Membership fee only. For supporting members or members with their own insurance 

50 €